Langho FC U11 Maroon v Rossendale Valley U11 Lions

Match Report:

Excellent match between two brilliant sides. Plenty of the right kind of football and attitude with both teams coaches and parents displaying positivity before, during and after the game.

Following the game, the referee commented: “both teams were a pleasure to referee today, really well behaved and polite. They even let me know when they had a touch for a corner or throw in”.

Langho U11 Manager Andrew Fraser responded: “we coach our players to play the game the right way.  Honesty and integrity around influencing decisions, especially within the adult game is certainly something we all want to see improve.  Teaching the next generation of young footballers is an important part of that process. We all look forward to a game when tools such as VAR will not be needed for the most basic of refereeing decisions”.

Ian Cowley, Rossendale Valley Lions Manager commented: That was a real game of two halves with great sportsmanship as always, Langho U11 were a pleasure to host”.

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