100 Club

Langho Football Club is establishing their own 100 Club. For the modest contribution of £5 per month, you will not only support the Football Club but also give yourself a chance to win a monthly prize.

We hope that players (those over 16 years), parents, spectators, family and friends will join the ‘100 Club’ as a means of assisting, through their financial contribution, the provision and development of the facilities of the Football Club for everyone’s future enjoyment.

The basic features of the 100 Club are:

For a payment of £5 each month, you will be allocated a Draw Number, which will be entered into a monthly draw.

Half the total proceeds (up to a maximum of £250) will be allocated as the prize fund. There will be a monthly draw with the following prizes:

1st prize 2nd prize 3rd prize 4th prize

(Note the prize fund will be dependant on the quantity of draw numbers sold, prizes will be allocated on a pro rata basis see 100 Club Rules 10 and 11)

Each January there will be a bumper draw, when the prize fund will be doubled.

To help support this fundraising activity you need to do two things:

1. Complete the Standing Order form using the link below.

2. Complete the 100 Club Registration form using the link below.

Return both forms to either: 

1. 100.club@langhofc.co.uk

2. Antony Reader, 100 Club Co-ordinator, 3 Masefield Close, Brockhall Village, Old Langho, BB6 8HS.

Once we have received your completed forms we will allocate you a Draw Number, and once your payment is received you will be entered into the monthly draw.

Good Luck!

Societies’ Lotteries Registration LO0460.

Promoter: Antony Reader, 3 Masefield Close, Brockhall Village, Old Langho BB6 8HS